Make your website secure using AWS Certificate Manager (SSL Certificate)

In this post, we will demonstrate How to provide the SSL certificate to your application

  • Login into your AWS account
  • Search for ACM (Certificate Manager) under Services and Press Enter

  • After Under AWS Certificate Manager, choose Provision Certificates

  • Click on Get Started
  • Request a Certificate Screen will comes up and choose Public Certificate for your public hosted application

  • Click on Request a certificate
  • Provide the Domain name of your application (For Example: If your application domain is then provide two entry “” “*” into domain) and Click on Next

  • Now, it will ask for Validation Method, choose as per your comfort. As I have access to DNS routing table, using this I will change validate the Domain name

  • After that Review your request for certificate
  • Once you validate the all data, Click on Confirm and requests
  • Validation Page should be shown there, and it will ask you to add CNAME entry into your DNS into your DNS provider

Once you add the above entry, we are ready with certificate Provisioning.

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