May 30, 2016

Performance Testing

Performance Testing
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Our experts are ready to help you. Performance Testing is an engineering art that requires a proper set of technical skills to find the bottleneck and the root cause of it. The importance is not in running a performance test but to analyse the performance results properly in order to pin point the issue and give solutions. And we does exactly what we say.

What Makes us Stand Out

With success of the software product, the need to check and fix the application performance is crucial. There is no good to run a heavy or resource intensive application on costly infrastructure, this only increases the operational cost.

The real return on investment of performance is only when we tune the software application performance or to make the light weight so as it uses less hardware resources with better response time.

At SpeckyFox we ensure performance ROI. And not just that we also help our customers to:

  • validate the performance of the application
  • enhance performance of your application
  • tune the application to bear the load of sales period without increasing the regular operational cost
  • introspect the code at unit level in order to optimize the application and to make it light on the hardware resources

ERP/CRM Application

Web/Mobile Application

Infrastructure/Application Performance Monitoring

Optimisation Recommendation

Cost optimum Performance Solution

SpeckyFox Software Development Services

Technologies We Practise

We have experienced hands in software development in various technologies.

Our focus is to provide perfect solution for your need, to provide world class support with the help of well trained engineers.

Case Studies

No Affordable Testing Tools

No Affordable Testing Tools

With the growing competition in the market in every field, the budget allocated to testing the software product is also low.

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