May 30, 2016

About Us

About Us

After working and experimenting in different domains of the software industry gaining in-depth knowledge and understanding their issues. A group of engineers had an idea to work on something that interests them the most!

To provide the software engineers of different domains with ingenious solutions to their problems!

We, at SpeckyFox are pursuing our passion, the best thing one can do. We are a group of zealous and innovative software engineers with a single intent of revolution. Yes , that’s right a REVOLUTION!!…

The SpeckyFox aspires to revolutionize the field of Automation & Performance Engineering to make software applications lighter, faster, friendlier and more efficient.

At SpeckyFox, Performance Optimization of the software application at different levels/stages of the Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC) takes the highest priority.
We, provide Automation & Performance Testing Services using a far-reaching customized versions of the various tools like JMeter, Selenium, etc. of our own concoction that helps us reform the process of software application testing from automated scripting to continuous executions all the way through to the intelligent graphical reports with better and more granular analysis of the software applications which are delivered to our clients in a jiffy as compared to others.
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