June 6, 2018

About Us

About Us

SpeckyFox is a software company that is helping its customers in their end to end delivery. Our clients are not just clients but, they are our partners. We collaborate with them to grow together, to achieve the ladder of success together. We don’t feel shy to find the improvement areas in their businesses, processes, practices, technologies and correct them with our expertise. We are a team of diverse thinkers and doers, consistently figuring out what’s conceivable to help our partners and do what we cherish in new ways.


SpeckyFox goes for the latest technologies and current trends to give its clients the best experience in the most cost-effective manner. We bring the best talent and a creative approach to every project that lands on our table.

Our story

Year - 2016

SpeckyFox started with a small idea to make and break the software then remake. We struggled with limited resources, but never gave up!

Year - 2017

We are successfully laid out the foundation with our core team in terms of technology, tool set and custom utilities.

Year - 2018

With the thrive in technology and best service we got to work with diversified clients ranging from small to fortune 500 companies

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