Create a Android Project in Eclipse

Before making the first program you have to create a android virtual device on your computer. So this can be done by the following steps
STEP-1. Open your eclipse(IDE) and select icon “Android Virtual Device Manager”. Android Virtual Device Manager is the 4th or 5th icon in your eclipse tool bar.

STEP-2. Android Virtual Device Manager opens . here you can give name to your device(name of my device is abhi) ,target select the version you want to have on your virtual phone( i have selected Android 3.0). then press Create AVD.

now we make android program and run it.!

STEP-3. File>new>other>android>android project. now click “next” , now give name to your project then click “next”. Now select target name( i have selected Android 3.0). Then click “next”, now give package name(i have given android.android1) then click finish.

Now files we have to work with are ” AndroidManifest.xml , src/android/android1/ ,  res/layout/main.xml , res/values/string.xml “.

now to run the program right click on the android root folder click on run and run as android application.

in next post(second program) we edit the program and understand the basic code.

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