May 31, 2016

Functional & Automation Testing

In today’s competitive age, no organization can afford to release a buggy software application to its end users . Buggy software in the hands of the end users can have catastrophic effects. Users can feel irritated and can reject the software and hence the business. Hence to cater to these type of risks, SpeckyFox provides independent QA and testing services with its strong certified testers. We in SpeckyFox value this, and hence enables us to report the transparent view. Our objective is to identify the functional issues not only with respect to the requirements but also from the end users perspective. This helps to build the software inline to what a user is expecting and with all functional flows that work successfully. Our functional testing caters to functional, GUI, database and regression testing.

Our functional testing teams are supported by strong automation test engineers and test designers. This team has a vast experience on different domains, technologies, and automation frameworks. With a mix of industry known paid automation tools, free wares, and open source technologies we are able to provide the best and cost effective automation solutions to our customers.

Why choose SpeckyFox?

  • We ensure 100 % code coverage with static code analysis tools and uncover untested code through functional testing.
  • We follow risk based testing techniques for the business so that a timely feedback can be provided
  • Our test engineers are ISTQB and Perfecto certified.

Our unique frameworks with existing customizable script base and detailed reports.
We provide this solution to web and mobile applications at different stages of the development life cycle by automating Regression Testing, System Testing, Integration Testing & Component Testing.

Functional & Automation Testing