Convert Numeric Values Into Words

This is another simple but interesting program which takes input in the form of numerical values and converts it into words. This whole program I have implemented in Java Swings. Though the code and the algorithm I used may look too much longer but stills it will be able to produce effective results. I have tested the program still if any errors or unwanted output is displayed you can let me know I will try to remove it, you can also work to make it effective and let our visitors know about it.

You guys can get the concept from here and put your best efforts to optimize the code and algorithm.

Program Name: Numeric To Words Converter:

1. You can double-click the Inwords.jar file present in the dist folder of the main root folder Inwards after extracting Inwords.rar file.
2. If you have a problem with running the jar file through above step. Open the command prompt and change the directory to dist folder where the jar file is present and type the following command.
(to change the directory use cd command)
java -jar Inwords.jar

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