Java – Linux – Windows Commands

Java-Linux-Windows Commands
1. For Sending class files into folder at the compile time

2. For Setting SQL Path in Linux for the first time

3. For setting Java Path Permanently on linux

4. For shutting down linux from cmd

5. To see the details of compilation process while compiling java program

6. To set Path and classpath temporary (for permanent use My Computer > Environment variables option.)

7. To run java program which is in package

8. To make JAR file in Windows

9. To Extract JAR file in Windows

10. To make executable JAR in Windows

11. To know about various methods, classes or interfaces in java JDK libraries and packages

12. To generated javadoc file which is the html file for the JDK help
steps: 1. Extract the file from the java folder
2. Copy & paste the path in command prompt like

13. To trace IP address

14. To break windows password

15. To know IP address of localhost

16. To know hostname

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