How to Install JMeter

JMeter is a load and performance testing tool written in Java. Let’s see how to install JMeter. It’s a very simple procedure, instead, there is no such installation process. But for a newbie let’s see what it requires to install and run JMeter.

Step 1:
Before downloading JMeter you should have JDK (Java Development Kit) in your system
Download JDK from Download JDK
If you already have then proceed to step 2
Step 2:
Download the latest JMeter from Download JMeter. In this tutorial, we are downloading version-2.9
Step 3:
Extract the downloaded zip file in any folder (in my case its C:\Program Files (x86) )
Step 4:
Go to bin folder (example C:\Program Files (x86)\apache-jmeter-2.9\bin) and double click on the jmeter.bat file. As we are on the Windows machine we can use the jmeter.bat file. If you are using Linux machine then run file.
That’s it, you are good to use JMeter.
If you getting some error while startup or if JMeter doesn’t launch, then one reason could be the JDK path is not set in your system to see post How to Set Path in Windows OS
After setting the Path in environment variables try running jmeter.bat. If every thing is correct then you must see the screen like below.

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