June 2, 2018

LoadSkull – Automated Load Testing Machine!

LoadSkull - Automated Load Testing Machine!.pptx

Loadskull, an cloud implementation of JMeter. It uses our customized JMeter to execute the load and performance test with real time monitoring.

With Loadskull, you can easily test scalability of your applications and identify bottlenecks which eventually help you to deliver quality product with ever growing expectations of end users.

Real life load Distribution

With availability of Load generators across the globe, we simulate nearly real life execution. Also, we provide distribution of scenarios on the basis of percentage using Markov. So, no hassle to customize scripts to distribute the user load over different scenario.

All this can be done with our user friendly Interface and you start getting the result in quick time.

Reporting with AI

  • User based reporting
    • Customized reporting for different users depending on their needs
  • Real time reporting
    • Real time reporting with minimal refresh time of 3 seconds.
    • Start analyzing the data on the go
  • AI powered reporting
    • Our solution will not only highlights the problems but provides the solution as well