Difference Between Surfing and Browsing

The term browsing and surfing has become so much common among the internet users.

The process of going across millions of websites to get to the site we require is known as both surfing the net and browsing through the net (though only surfing and browsing are also used to describe the process).

What is the difference Between browsing and Surfing  
  • Browsing and surfing are terms commonly used to refer to the process of getting on to the internet and finding our way through millions of websites to what we are looking for.
  •  Browsing has come into use because of browsers that help us connect to the servers of search engines
  • Whether browsing or surfing, we perform same activities of watching documents, listening to music, or watching videos or movies on the internet.

So whether you say you are browsing through the net or surfing the net, it doesn’t really make a difference as both terms are commonly used by people to describe the same activity of moving across websites on the net and watching or downloading content from the net.

You can watch, read, listen to music, or enjoy movies and other videos (like Youtube or metacafe etc.), but all these activities come within the two terms browsing or surfing. Browsing, it seems has come into existence because of the use of browsers to get to websites on the net.

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