Use and Benefit of P3selenium

In this article we will talk about the Use and Benefits of p3selenium.
Use of P3selenium framework and benefits:
First thing first, before proceeding we would like to see the benefits of using this framework. Some of the benefits of the P3selenium framework are listed below:

  1. Scalable: This framework allows you to add new features can easily
  2. Maintainable: This framework follows a robust package structure that allows you to maintain and manage your automated scripts in an easy way. It helps you to keep your scripts in a manageable way. You can manage and run as many scripts as needed.
  3. Boilerplate code: P3selenium can be used as a boilerplate code, you do not have to write the code to create a framework for automation testing, just pick the P3selenium and start scripting your application scenarios from day one.You can keep your scripts under com.p3selenium.scripts.pname.testcase
  4. Centralized exception handling: Besides stack trace information, the framework assists you by letting you know the which line of code throws an error. We have built a robust framework by using a centralized exception handling mechanism. Any one using P3selenium framework can take advantage of this.Suppose an exception occurs while script execution then it this framework handles the exception and gives you a useful message that let you quickly identify the exception occurred.
  5. Database Testing: Adding this feature to the framework, this feature will be added in second release i.e. p3selenium_v1.0
  6. Grid Enabled: P3selenium framework is grid enabled, it contains all the settings that is required to run the framework as a grid.

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