Struts 2.x Tiles Framework

In this post we are going to see the Struts 2.x Tiles Framework, Plugins integration and Use.
Struts 2.x with Tiles integration provide us an easy and effective way to manage our web page contents or our web page look. It can help us to make changes in only a particular section of page leaving the rest of page as it is (It is not like Ajax i.e. Asynchronous JavaScript XML).
Struts 2.x Tiles framework help us to make effective and easy way to maintain websites. With the use of tiles in developing web projects i.e. Struts 2.x Projects, We are able to make and deliver changes in a particular area of page on user’s click without any need to copy paste or write entire code on all the pages. Just what we need is to integrate our project with tiles framework.
If the above paragraph is making some confusions. Lets move on to have a look at the plugin requirements to have Tiles Framework support in our Struts 2.x Web Project.
Here are some plugins which should be present in our lib folder or directory in order to have Struts 2.x Tiles Framework support:

Make the following changes in web.xml file:

Now, make a tiles.xml file in the WEB-INF directory and write the following code there:

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