December 15, 2017

Web/Mobile Application Performance Testing

Nowadays, As technology is growing up everything is moving onto cloud or implementing SaaS based solutions to ease the accessibility of user. In this scenario Performance of every application plays a key role in engaging and maintaining the user base. Thus, continuous Performance testing is needed to rule out Performance issues.

At SpeckyFox, we provide tailor made solution as per the application architecture. Our team’s focus is on provide an unique solution that will help your business grow. Our Performance engineers expertise in finding the bottlenecks of the application with insight data, will help you to achieve seamless working of your application.

Using open source stack we try to give solutions, as it will be cost effective and customizable as per the customer needs. Also, we do load testing using load generators which are located at different Geo locations that will help you get real time results including Latency.  In case of Mobile application we include on more check-point, the apps behavior on real mobile devices so that end user don’t face any issues while accessing it their personal phone.