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Native App iOS

Native IOS applications are designed and coded specifically for the IOS devices, and users can download these applications from the Apple store. Our developers use Swift programming language to develop native apps for IOS. They utilize the platform's resources to make apps work more effectively and deliver a robust performance. Building native apps enable the developers to employ components of the devices such as camera, audio, and UI/UX to their full potential and improve user experience. Each platform has a unique theme, making it easy to adjust interfaces for various screen sizes for native applications.
The best time to get native applications built for your business is when your app relies on features like a camera, GPS, microphone, and more. Also, when you wish to provide an incredible and enhanced experience to the users with the app.

Native Apps Android

Native mobile applications are platform-specific. They demonstrate high performance, rapid loading, better navigation, and audio-visual elements on android devices. All in all, they provide the most reliable and responsive experience to their users. Windows, Mac, and Linux support the android development environment, and we use Kotlin and Java programming languages to develop native android applications.
Getting native apps developed for the android user is the best way to ensure data security because the programming languages used to create native apps are different from the technologies used for the web applications. Additionally, the native android applications adapt to the device’s environment as their own and become an integral part of it, providing users a more interactive experience.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid applications are constructed using web languages such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML and have app store features of native apps. Hybrid applications can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and run smoothly both on mobile phones and locally on desktops/laptops. The best feature of hybrid apps is that using them feels like using native apps designed especially for your device.
They require less development time with enhanced user experience as they don't need recompilation for each handset separately. Furthermore, it's easier to maintain them because of the simplicity of the coding. Moreover, they use WebViews to present their content, making it convenient to keep the applications updated.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web applications compile the best features of the web and the native apps. An icon on the home screen or simply entering the URL in the browser can launch the app. The three technical components required to build a progressive web app are the manifest file, the service worker, and https to run on. They have the highest loading speed with an improved interactive interface that works online and offline.
Progressive web applications enable you to connect with potential customers and those who want to utilize your services but don’t want to keep an additional app on their devices. Think of it as an enhancement to your website and an alternative to the native mobile application. The features of Progressive web applications are available to every visitor of your website and provide an enhanced user experience to all.

About SpeckyFox

We create Apps that help you reach your customers

Digitalisation has raised the time spent on mobile phones massively. Our search shows that consumers spend over 100 hours a month on their devices. It makes mobile applications a colossal source to connect with customers.
Having a mobile application adds to the credibility of the company and helps businesses by providing customer support and creating a system to automate business processes. We provide the mobile application development service with scalability options and an intriguing interface for B2B and B2C businesses with continued maintenance and support.

We ensure to fulfil all that you envisioned by adding:
  • Mockup Designing
  • Native App Development
  • Hybrid App Development
  • Engaging Mobile Interfaces

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