our focus is to build fast, secure and light weight software applications

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What we aim to offer at SpeckyFox is to provide great web & mobile application development and testing solutions with great flexibility and efficiency so as to expedite the development time lines.
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Our Expertise

We learn every day and have built some strong expertise
What We Enjoy Doing at SpeckyFox

We learn everyday and while learning we have build some strong expertise. We have strong hands in logistics solutions, eLearning solutions, development of social media applications, open source technologies, ERP Testing.

  • We have strong knowledge in ERP domain

  • Strong expertise in Android and iOS development

  • We practice open source technologies everyday

  • We have strong logistic domain knowledge


Like technical knowledge domain knowledge is equally important. We put our head around so that we don't miss out on any point. We believe with domain knowledge we are half way done.


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